Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Batch of Ornaments

The kids and I made our first batch of Christmas ornaments tonight. 
We used shower curtain rings, yarn and decorative stars from Target. 
The kids were able to do the ornaments themselves with minimal help from me. 
We followed the tutorial from Christopher & Tia here  

A few photos from the night

Tia used styrofoam rings in her tutorial but I found the shower rings for $1.19 a 12 pack at Target and thought they would work just as well. 

It was a tedious job so we watched a movie to keep us entertained. 

Our boy was able to crank out 4 ornaments in about an hour but then reached burn out.  There is ALOT of wrapping involved. 

I think our girl finished 3 in an hour.

We added the sparkly little star from a 12 pack purchased from Target.  The pack was $3.00.

It would be nice to add a scripture tag in scrapbook paper to it as well.  We may do that later. 

Star of wonder, Star of light . . . . . .

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