Friday, November 4, 2011

Smallish wall in BBP's Room

I had a few minutes this week to update an important wall in BBP's room.  It is the wall that you first see when you look into his room.  It is a smallish wall that is snuggled between a large window and a corner.  It was hard to decorate as I wanted it to make a statement but not be too fussy or busy.  Before this week he had a bulletin board hanging above the shelf, but the cluttered papers and pictures made the room seem messy (whether it was or not) because this was the first view you got into the room. 

Well, I am happy to say I found a home on this wall for the large letter "B" I bought at Warrenton for $10.00.  I had also taken this great picture of our boy just casually relaxing on the ranger wearing his cowboy hat.  It captures all of his handsome, boyish innocence.  I just love it! 

 And wouldn't you know Goodwill had this perfect green picture frame.  I like this arrangement so much better.  Seems cleaner and gives a more personal feel of just who makes his home in this corner of our house.  Oh, and I didn't trash the bulletin board.  I actually moved it to a better location next to his desk.  Makes more sense there anyway. 

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