Saturday, November 26, 2011

Morning Chore Charts

Morning Chore Charts:  Recently, I pinned a similar chore chart on pinterest that was made from an actual door hanger.  Mornings at our house are absolutely insane!!  I have tried planning and have put LOTS of effort into laying out and preparing all items the night before and it still seems that I spend the majority of time redirecting my children to "GET DRESSED"!!! 

As I was clearly needing assistance with this whole morning routine thing, I was pleased as pie to see an easy clip-system chart that I could create with items we already had at home.  I only included chores/tasks that needed to be done before school. 

We will worry with other chores later.  Currently, my main focus is on getting to school on time without mom (ME!!!!)  blowing a gasket.  So far, all is working well with the charts.  It is certainly helping my children to see clearly what they need to do.  Also, the moving of  the clips once a task is completed is providing that sense of accomplishment that was lacking before. 

This system is helping to keep everyone on-task in a timely manner.  Yay!!!!

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