Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Afternoon in the Country

We spent Saturday afternoon in the country.  The weather was a bit overcast and cloudy but we still enjoyed getting out of the house.

The kids took turns riding one of the donkeys.

Our girl showed off her gate opening skills.  I knew our boy could do this but I had not seen our girl open and close the gates with such confidence before.  This is a bonus for me because now I do not have to get out of the truck to "get the gates," as long as one of our kids is with us.  I know this is something their daddy has been aiming for for sometime now. 

She likes to "ride the gate" to the corner post. 

We found a down tree trunk that was fun for balance practice.

And good for jumping.

And good for sitting.

Then we stopped at this old Volkswagen bug that has been in the woods for years.  It was once used as a deer stand and often used for target practice. 

I found it enchanting!

Does that make me weird?

I encouraged the kids to climb atop with me and big daddy took our picture.

How's that for a little family togetherness?  : )


  1. Yes Crystal...bullet holes in a car SCREAM enchanting! This made me giggle! :)

  2. bullet holes do not equal enchanting? ; )