Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Tea Towels 3 Ways

I had so much fun dressing up the tea towel yesterday that I decided to play around with the two towels I had left this morning.  Here are all three quick ways to dress up a plain tea towel. 

Here's the first towel I made yesterday. Set the machine on a zig zag stitch and quickly sewed the trim to the bottom of the towel.  Red thread would have been better but white was in my machine and I didn't feel like changing it.  Actually, I'm not sure I remember how!

For this towel I used the zig zag stitch to add the pink ribbon to the bottom.  I used Unique Stitch for the ric rac.  I haven't used it much before but it says it is "sewing with a tube".  I am hoping it holds up well.  May need to be hand washed instead of thrown in the machine but most fancy-ish towels are hand wash only.

On this towel I ruffled the fabric strips then sewed them on.  Easy Peasy.  : )

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