Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Hour Apron & Tea Towel

trying to organize my stash of fabric, ribbon and sewing junk today I got distracted by tea towels that I bought on sale in July at Jo-Ann.    I think I paid less than a dollar for each towel. 

for the first towel I simply sewed red pom pom trim to the bottom of the towel for a quick but cute fix-up

the second one I laid horizontally and sewed ruffled binding along the bottom and across the top.  I left it long on the sides so that I could tie it in the back.  The ruffled binding is great because it looks nice and you don't have to take the time to ruffle or scallop.  I happened to grab a baggie of it in red when our Wal-Mart was renovating recently.  They marked nearly everything down in the fabric department to make room for the renovation.  Right place at the right time! 

truly, it only took about an hour to complete both of these projects.  in fact, it took longer to upload these pics and type this post than it did to make the apron and towel. 

Jo-Ann's is always great about putting seasonal tea towels on sale before the actual season/holiday so I am hoping to pick up some fall themed/orange/brown type towels and do a similar fix-up.  Nice teacher gifts or fun for cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

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