Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Easy Birdfeeder

my girl is serious about this school stuff.  when we get home from walking her brother to school she begins asking when her school is going to start.  day one we did well with name practice, letter formation and reading.  we also found time to paint and draw.  day two did not go as well.  she drew, cut and created crosses by herself but i was not a very involved teacher.  today (day 3) has gone better as we made it though a minilesson and writing activity.  we did a "how to" writing piece with directions on how to make a bird feeder.  of course, the writing activity was mostly drawing and copying my writing but we still worked through the process so to me it counts.  luckily, i found this idea for a super easy bird feeder on pinterest this morning.  nothing like pulling a plan together last minute.  a few pics from our morning. . . .  

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