Monday, August 29, 2011

Muffin Tin

Obviously, I have an issue with old baking pans/tins. 
 Actually, I just think it's so smart to use these old guys as organizational tools.  I could go out and spend mucho bucks on cute baskets, drawer organizers and the likes or I could scavenge trash piles, garage sales and thrift stores for 25 cent prices. 

 I prefer the later.  It gives me something to do.  Really it's about the thrill of the hunt for me and I love a good deal. 
 I recently found this muffin tin for .25 cents at a garage sale.  I have one I am using in the desk drawer to organize paper clips, tacks, batteries etc. 
 When I saw this one I knew I'd use it for sewing supplies like thread and buttons. 

 I decided to paint this one white. 

I just love how the old buttons look in the tin. 

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