Friday, December 30, 2011

Adding clip art

Yesterday the kids and I had some fun while taking these pictures.  I was stoked to find "the pink door" and the lovely brick wall adjacent to it.  It was an especially good find because our girl loves pink and she owns a ton of pink articles of clothing.  I am seeing future photos in this very spot.  I just pray no one paints the pink door a different color. 

Not to leave our boy out, the wall of bricks has specks of red, blue and gray that are perfect boy colors.  What a gem of a location!  As I was editing the photos that evening they seemed to lend themselves to some fun clip art.  So, I played around a bit and here is what I came up with.

This one reminds me of Isaiah 40:31.

Danger. . . .for sure!

She loves puppies and this little guy is so cute. 

And, my absolute favorite. . . . the clash of the siblings! 

This picture will be going somewhere special in our house.  Notice, our boy's shoe is untied.  It was like that in every picture.  So very like him.  I love that when he is 16 and can keep his shoes tied we will have the memory of the time in his life (age 6) when it was never tied. 

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