Friday, February 3, 2012

Ben's List

Last Friday our boy was home sick with pink eye.  He did not want to waste his day and certainly I was thankful for that.  Without prompting, he said he wanted to make a list of all the things he would  do during the day.  An itinerary of sorts.  A plan.  I love that! He came up with quite a list and essentially got in his spelling, writing and reading practice for the day.  There are a few items on his list that make me giggle.  I also love his inventive spelling of some of the words.  This little list will go in his keepsake box.  It is just too good!

Here is the decoded version:
1. Take medicine (very important)
2. play
3. art
4. play cars
5. play together (with his sister.  sharing that pink eye germ)
6. DVD players
7. Lunch
8. I touch
9. snack
10. visit Daddy (when he got home from work)
11. play computer
12. TV
13. eat apple
14. play outside
15. pray to God

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