Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pink eye project

This morning our girl woke up looking like this. 

The dreaded pink eye that her brother battled late last week had finally struck.  I thought we were going to get lucky this time as it had been several days since BBP had been free and clear of that nasty little germ.  I guess we still held it somewhere here in our house.  So this sweetly named germ kept us girls at home today.  That did give me time to try my hand at making a valentine dress for our girl.  My friend Rachel kindly walked me through every step of making this dress last week so I felt pretty good about giving it a go on my own.  I did call her once to ask a question about the length but then I went for it and within a few hours had this finished product. 

The colors are especially appealing to me.  I love pink, grey and green.  I think our girl likes it too.  It matches her eyes.  : )

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